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The Pensinger Properties Legacy

The original Pensinger Properties was started in 2004 by Glenna Pensinger. Glenna was a Broker on the Central Coast for over 20 years and was President of the local Association, working on many boards and projects to help her community. She had a prosperous real estate and property management company in Santa Maria, CA, and in the mid 2000’s, decided to move back to her home town of Bakersfield, CA and work on growing her businesses locally.

She hung her license at Watson Realty and was allowed to run her property management business from there. It was always Glenna’s hope that her sister, Gayle Young, would work with her and in November of 2004 that hope became a reality; Glenna trained Gayle and taught her everything she knew about property management.

Glenna commuted back and forth each week between offices in Santa Maria and Bakersfield. Sadly, on August 10, 2005, she was killed in an auto accident while commuting to Bakersfield from Santa Maria. Upon passing, Gayle stepped in and continued to manage the Pensinger Properties business until Glenna’s husband Eddie spoke with the Broker of Watson Realty and encouraged them to take on a property management division, as a broker’s license was required to stay operational. Watson Realty agreed and Watson Property Management was birthed and Pensinger Properties was closed and sold to Watson Realty. Gayle was retained to run the property management division for Watson Realty and went from a part time employee to a full time property manager overnight. In 2007, Gayle ventured out and helped start Dobbs Property Management and worked there until August of 2009.

On January 1, 2010, Gayle decided to open the doors to a new company. She could have named it anything she wanted but chose to use Pensinger Properties for Glenna’s memory and legacy to live on. Glenna’s husband, Eddie Pensinger, came along Gayle as her business partner to help get the company up and running. Gayle passed her real estate broker’s exam in December 2009 and was ready for business! Eddie played an instrumental role in helping Gayle start the company; he was her biggest supporter and encourager and she would not have opened the company without his help and belief in her. They were partners until Eddie passed away in June of 2011.

Gayle continued to focus on growing Pensinger Properties, operating with integrity, and serving the community. Over a short time, supportive staff was hired and the company had grown to almost 500 doors under management. After an incredible journey, over a seven year stretch, Gayle made the decision to sell Pensinger Properties and join her husband in retirement for the next chapter in life. Gayle was extremely prudent in finding the right person and company to sell to and carry the Pensinger Properties legacy forward. On October 1, 2017, Gayle passed the mantle to Rylan Rozell and his team at Real Property Management Bakersfield.

This site has been dedicated to Eddie and Glenna Pensinger, the beautiful people they were and the impactful lives they lived. It is also dedicated to Gayle Young for her dedication and commitment in which she worked to honor the Pensinger name and operate Pensinger Properties over the last decade.

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